by Anita Sambanje

Listening to the whispers of wilderness, I found myself whispering back. My body engaging and my inner being involved in this exchange. Being bare and vulnerable to the environment felt natural to me, like I had done this several times before. Absorbing and observing all around me I started to draw lines, these lines started to form patterns and began to look like maps. Maps of the roads we traveled upon, the traces we left behind, the people we talked to and the lessons we learned. We followed the river and its trail of destruction and creation along the way, its as if the seasons changed along the roadside and it seemed to affect the river people’s temperament as well. The different spaces invite you in but also provoke you to question your identity and presence in the world, like a snake I shed my old skin and felt reborn, discovering parts of myself I had never known beforehand.

Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
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