whispers of the wilderness

A social intervention by selected number of Africa artists who believe that building a Trans-African highway of the mind is the key to maximising the potentials of the people of Africa.

a journey of "quiet listening" through the region of the Okavango

As artists involved in the tactile exploration of roads, lands and rivers in the African continent, we consider ourselves conduits in the most urgent conversations of the 21st century engendered by the intertwining, multi-layered mechanisms of borders, national identity, the climate, culture and, last but not least, nature.

At the intersect of tensions between stratified man-made borders and nature's pulsating, life-sustaining work.

We shall reflect on the precariousness of such fraught conflations through the medium at our disposal. The artists will "listen" intently with their disposition in hopes of creating from a place of visceral experiencing. Works created will comprise photography, writing (fiction and non-fiction), film/video art, audiovisual, sound art and performances – all of which are envisaged to be components of an exhibition installation and publication.

the artists

Artists from Botswana, Namibia and Angola, will be assembled for the project under the auspices of Invisible Borders Trans-African Project, led by the Artistic Director, Emeka Okereke, who will equally create artistic works in the process.

Pauline Buhlebenkosi Ndhlovu
Anita Sambanje
Thero Makepe
Keamogetse Mosienyane
Emeka Okereke
Artistic Director
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